Steve Bruce has lost his patience with Ross McCormack

joss McCormack is a 30 year old Scottish striker who has been performing with Aston Villa since August of 2016 but even though it has only been around 5 months since he joined the English Championship club, McCormack is already in hot water with the manager Steve Bruce.

Since joining Aston Villa, Ross McCormack has missed out from around 5 training sessions of his club and Steve Bruce wants the Scottish player to have a better attitude and be more serious when it comes to practicing and training with the rest of his teammates.

Steve Bruce is so angered by the attitude and decisions of Ross McCormack in relation to him missing out from a number of training sessions of Aston Villa that he has dropped the Scottish player from his first-team squad and will not allow or even consider him to get back into the main team until he apologizes and starts having a better or improved outlook.

"There has been too much indiscipline here at Villa. Not in 20 years in management have I ever gone down this route but I feel I have to make a stance because I will not put up with it on my watch. I won't put up with it. If I do, then I will have the lunatics running the asylum’’

“If I let people do what they want, we’ll have anarchy. You’re never going to create a team spirit if players are looking round giggling at each other because McCormack’s not turned up again.” Steve Bruce of Aston Villa stated.

It seems like whether or not Ross McCormack continues getting regular time in the first team of Aston Villa will ultimately depend on him as he has to apologize to Steve Bruce as well as attempt to stop missing out from so many training sessions.

In the latest training session that Ross McCormack missed out from, his argument was that the electric gates of his home was broke and he couldn’t get past them or something of this nature.