Scott Sinclair understands anger of Villa supporters

Scott Sinclair believes that the anger that Villa supporters showed the other day after the team lost versus Stoke City was understandable as they deserve a payback for all the love they pour on to the team.

Despite the odds we found on the Sky Bet mobile app pointing to to the probable result, the supporters were nevertheless absolutely furious to see the Villans suffering their 6th defeat in the season a couple of weeks back.

Now, after the international break, the first team that Villa has to face is Chelsea which might not be looking as ruthless at the moment as they were the previous season, but, no team can afford to take them lightly and that’s the point Sinclair pushed on talking to the reporters on the sidelines of a training session in Liverpool.

Sinclair was quoted as saying that they need results. “We normally get a lot of support, but, at times, when we are not that consistent with our performances, there’s a little bit of disappointment which is obvious on their part and we certainly owe them a few good performances. I hope coming from the international break, we can have some results in our favour.”

Speaking on his personal form and the upcoming Chelsea game, Sinclair said, “Personally, I’ve done well yes, but, it doesn’t really matter much. It’s about how we do collectively. All you want is for the results to be going your team’s way which hasn’t happened so far. Chelsea is up next for us and it’s always tough against them whether they have been at their best or not. But, we would be pushing them hard.”

When asked about his thoughts on the situation that Villa is in right now in terms of their positioning in the points table, Sinclair said, “It’s not ideal, but, we don’t need to get panicky. I am 100% sure we will be out of it pretty soon.”