Roberto Di Matteo needs to pull out another miracle

Roberto Di Matteo is a manager who is not so known or as highly rated as many others but the accomplishments that the Italian coach has made are incredible to say the least.

When he took charge of West Bromwich Albion back on June of 2009, the club was in dismal form as they had been relegated from the Premier League and had to compete in the Championship League but after only 1 season of having taken charge of the club, Roberto Di Matteo managed to push them back to the top tier English League which is very impressive for any coach in his debut season.

West Bromwich Albion secured the 2nd spot of the English Championship League and it was enough for them to earn an automatic qualifying spot to the Premier League.

A few years later and Roberto Di Matteo made another remarkable achievement as he won the Champions League title with Chelsea during the 2011-12 season. Chelsea made a historic Champions League run as they overcame European titans including : Barcelona and Bayern Munich.

Both Bayern Munich and Barcelona were the favorites of coming out on top and emerge as the champions but Chelsea shocked the world and won the coveted title.

Aston Villa has recently experienced a change in managers as Remi Garde left the club after disappointing results which led to the club being relegated from the Premier League and has been replaced by Roberto Di Matteo who has the task of making them return to the English League.

Garry Thompson is a former Aston Villa player and he has recently talked about the appointment of Roberto Di Matteo as the new manager. According to Thompson, making Aston Villa return to the Premier League is going to be the biggest challenge in the managerial career of the Italian coach.

“It is an enormous job. There are a number of players sitting there with time on their contracts that needs moving on. He is going to very quickly decide who to keep and who to move on. The whole culture of the dressing room needs changing.” Former Aston Villa player, Garry Thomspon said.