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on Jan 14, 2014

Aston Villa will have the opportunity to repeat the history when they take on Arsenal for the second time in the ongoing Premier League tomorrow.

The last time that Villa had defeated the Gunners twice in the league was more than 21 years back and they can do that again this time around.

Paul Lambert’s side had absolutely stunned everyone by thrashing Arsenal in their opening league game of the season and they had done that at the Emirates Stadium where Arsenal’s record in the recent times hasn’t been bad at all.
However, one thing is for sure that to pull off an upset against Arsenal again, Villa will have to put up a really good show. If they play the way they have been playing since the last one month or so, they will certainly not be able to get better of the Gunners.

Most of the Villa players are currently out of form and that has affected the team’s performance a lot. Out of their last 6 outings in the Premier League, the Lions have just managed to secure 4 points with the help of one win and one draw. In the remaining 4 games, they have been beaten.

The problem for Villa is that they don’t have that much experience in their squad. Most of their players are quite young and they are trying to just settle down at the moment. And, their experienced players who are very few in number have not been performing up to that level.

Christian Benteke who is probably the best player in the line up of Aston Villa hasn’t found the back of the net in the last 15 weeks. Despite that, he is the guy whom Paul Lambert will be banking on in the game against Arsenal.


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