Paul Lambert warns Team to Prepare for WOrse Times

Former Aston Villa manager Paul Lambert has warned the team that they need to be prepared for a difficult period
Former Aston Villa manager, Paul Lambert has stated that the team should be prepared for a difficult season in the Championship. Villa’s relegation was confirmed during the weekend after their defeat against Manchester United.

Paul Lambert, who spent 3 years as Aston Villa manager, has warned the team that life in the Championship is tough and that it cannot be compared to the Premier League playing style. He believes that they will need to learn how to win ugly and that they should prepare themselves mentally for next season.

Lambert added that every team in the Championship will want to put up a fight in order to beat them and that Villa will have to be well motivated if they want to survive in the Championship. He said that there are 46 games in the Championship without counting the Cup games and that Villa will have to be ready to play tough games if they want to survive in the league.

He said that he knew that sooner or later the team will be relegated with the way that the club was being managed at the time he was the manager.

He said that his greatest achievement as manager of Aston Villa was to keep the club in the Premier League given the limited resources that he had access to.

Roy Kean, former assistant manager at Aston Villa, stated that it is the poor losing culture at Aston Villa that is the main cause of their downfall. He said that the players are used to poor performance and that they do not get affected by a loss. He believes that there must be a change in culture at Villa if they ever want to get promoted to the Premier League again.