New Aston Villa owner outlines his plans for the club

For the first time in the history of Aston Villa, they have been relegated from the Premier League and will now have to compete in the English League Championship.

After having gone through such a disastrous season, a lot of changes have been happening and the biggest change was the takeover as the Chinese businessman Tony Jiantong Xia acquired Aston Villa for a price tag of £60m.

The new owner of Aston Villa has recently stated what he is planning to do with the English club as Xia said: "The most critical thing now is to get the right manager. We need a really good coach who knows how to play in the Championship. It's even harder than the Premiership. We need to figure out how to reorganize the team.''

"Forget the past and think we are going to enter into a new age. The first priority is to get promoted. I feel a lot of pressure. I think a lot of Villa fans are eager to get back up to the Premiership, so the next one year will be very tough for me. I hope we can do it.''

Tony Jiantong Xia is hoping that Aston Villa will be able to recover from what has been a disappointing season and earn a promotion spot from the English Championship League in their first attempt.

The former owner of Aston Villa was Randy Lerner and he did not have a healthy relationship with the fanatics of the club and this was pretty clear as the supporters of the club held consistent protests marches and also threw objects in the last home game of the season which was played against Newcastle United but the new owner Tony Jiantong Xia is hoping that things will be different now that he took control of the English club.