Alex McLeish of Aston Villa has let out the reasons why he was so keen on signing a quick loan deal for Robbie Keane - he feels that Keane is highly motivated in his approach and can help to bring about a change to the Villa team, and get the team fired up the prem table.

Robbie Keane is probably going to be signed for a two month loan deal so he is likely to play in six premier league games.

As yet, there is no commitment from any one at the Aston Villa end as no-one wants to give their final word until the entire deal is seen through. As of now, people are speculating that the entire transfer deal will be around 500 thousand pounds (including the amount for the wages, insurance and the loan fee). The deal should be finalized latest by next week.

Alex McLeish feels that along with Aston Villa, there will be other clubs who are interested in taking in Robbie Keane as he has got tremendous experience of playing at the highest levels. With Keane in the team, you can expect Villa's best Premier League betting odds to shorten.

Not only he is great on the field, but also off the field as well and can be a great source of motivation for the rest of the players in the dressing room.

This is the sort of stuff that coaches look for to add a competitive spirit within the club. Keane is not the only option for Villa this year though – they have other players in mind as well, who they could turn to if things cannot be agreed.