Aston Villa Poor Performance has made Managers and Owners in Problem

When the performances of a Football team happen to be poor over a long period of time, it’s the manager who takes the most of the flak, but, in Aston Villa’s case, it’s the hierarchy too which seems to be a tad responsible.

Randy Lerner, who bought Villa 8 years back in 2006, has never tried to get involved that much into the cub activities.

He does not even spend a lot of time in UK and many experts reckon that’s not the way to run a top class Football club.

Lerner might say that he has done things which people expect a good owner to do. He spent as much money as anyone else, brought in a young, creative manager and also gave him his full backing.

But, spending money and employing quality people does not mean that your duty as an owner is completed.

The first thing that you need to do is to keep yourself close to the club and try and see how the activities are going on.
You can’t sit thousands of miles away and then, provide the directions on telephone or email. It does not work that way at all.

If you are unable to do that, you must get rid of the club and Lerner probably has understood that after so many years.

The sources say that the American businessman is quite serious to get the club sold as soon as possible.

Earlier, he was reported to have put the club up for sale for more than two hundred million Pounds, but, as things stand now, he would probably accept an amount lesser than that as well.

Villa’s winning percentage under the ownership of Lerner has been very, very low and while, he can’t be held the alone culprit for that, he must take a fair share of blame.

Villa is presently in the relegation zone in the Premier League table.