Aston Villa might be experiencing a change in ownership

Aston Villa might be experiencing a change in ownership within the upcoming months as the owner of the English club is believed to be interested in selling the club and Randy Lerner has been having meetings with a UK based group and a deal is edging closer but there is something that can turn into a roadblock for this transaction and it depends on whether or not Aston Villa remains competing in the Premier League for another season.

Aston Villa is only a few points away from the bottom relegation zone and if they do get relegated, the price of the English club will be slashed and cut down.
Randy Lerner put the club for sale back in May of 2014 as he has revealed d his intention to exit English football after having spent around €300 million since acquiring the club and the best position that Aston Villa has managed to seal was the 6th spot of the Premier League but are now threatened to be relegated.

The UK based group that has been having meetings with Randy Lerner might not be interested in taking control of Aston Villa if it drops down to the Championship League and this is why it’s so important for Tim Sherwood and his squad to continue competing in the top tier English League.
Even with the added pressure of Aston Villa being positioned in the bottom zone and the possibility of it being sold during the summer, Tim Sherwood only wants to focus on doing his job and the coach has stated that he is confident that his squad can do it.

Tim Sherwood said: “It’s not a concern; I just have to do my job. My job is to prepare the team and keep them in the league this year. It was obviously going to be a difficult task. Nobody said it was going to be easy. There will be lots of ups and downs along the way but I’m confident we can do it.’’

The month of April will be a very difficult one for Tim Sherwood and his men as they have to face off with: Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester City.